Established in 1965 and incorporated in 2010, Living Waters is an affiliate of The  Penn West Conference of the United Church of Christ.  Our outdoor ministry facility serves as an extension of the ministry of the local church with programs for patrons of all ages.  These programs provide for Christian enrichment, education and growth, and offer opportunities for environmental education. Programming at Living Waters promotes and enhances physical growth and wellness, and provides various opportunities to live in Christian community.



 Examples of events your organization can hold at Living Waters.            

• Business meeting or training

• Weekend retreat for church members

• Outdoor education opportunities for your students

• Conference or seminar for continuing education

• Family reunion



Outdoor ministry is a broad and exciting way to celebrate the gifts God has given us as well as share in community and  education.  Living Waters provides a place for people of all ages and backgrounds to gather to meet, teach and grow while in a safe, natural environment.


Fall Youth Rally 2018


Breaking Down Walls That Divide Us

2018 Fall Youth Rally Brochure


Jesus came to break down the walls that divide us. God's grace gives us a way to escape "us and them" thinking. We often view grace as something that affects our relationship with God, but it also affects our relationship with other people. It brings peace between us and our neighbors even if we have different world views.