Joni Hufford, Executive Director



Jordan Waud, Maintenance Supervisor





Living Wates Board of Directors

  • Rev. Jay Shaffer, President
  • Larry Hay, Vice President
  • Doug Walker, Treasuer
  • Chelsea Neatrour, Secretary
  • Rev. Charles Mackley
  • Don Kelly
  • Jeffrey Farber
  • Tina Harbaugh
  • Erin Brouse
  • David Worst
  • Cynthia Clark
  • Sheri Foor

Fall Youth Rally 2018


Breaking Down Walls That Divide Us

2018 Fall Youth Rally Brochure


Jesus came to break down the walls that divide us. God's grace gives us a way to escape "us and them" thinking. We often view grace as something that affects our relationship with God, but it also affects our relationship with other people. It brings peace between us and our neighbors even if we have different world views.